Renaissance Healthcare Systems with hosptials in Houston, Dallas, East Texas and Terrell, Texas. Specializing in gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, pain management, orthopedic surgery and labor and delivery.
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Renaissance Hospital Houston

Bariatric Program is proud to announce their Center of Excellence accreditation

in association with

Dr. Clifton Thomas and Dr. Younan Nowzaradan -

Bariatric Surgeons.*



Renaissance Healthcare Systems

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is considered to be the best surgical procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity.


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Executive Summary




Renaissance Healthcare Systems, Inc. (“Renaissance”) was formed to acquire, develop, manage, and convert existing struggling hospitals into profitable acute hospitals. It is the mission of Renaissance management to convert under‑performing acute care hospitals into profitable acute care hospitals.


Upon acquisition, this mission is accomplished by:

  • Upgrading the facilities, especially the operating rooms, with state-of-the-art equipment;

  • Strengthening the existing relationships with the physicians and service providers within the facility’s market area;

  • Forming new strategic relationships with the physicians and service providers within the facility’s market area;

  • Assisting the service providers with their practice development by providing state-of-the-art facilities;

  • Providing a strong marketing effort by the hospital’s staff which supports the provider’s practice specialty; and

  • Converting the hospital from the traditional acute care general hospital to a focused specialty surgical hospital providing pain management surgery, orthopedic surgery, GI surgery, bariatric surgery, and general surgery.



In 2001, Renaissance Hospitals began operations with the purchase of a struggling facility, Northside General Hospital.  In early 2003, Renaissance Hospital was able to complete its second purchase, HEALTHSOUTH Surgical Center which was renamed to Renaissance Surgical Center.  In late 2003, Renaissance Hospital completed its third purchase, Northpoint Surgical Center located in Edinburg, Texas and renamed to Renaissance Surgical Center of South Texas.  In 2004, Renaissance Hospital was able to acquire its fourth purchase from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Doctors Hospital in Groves, Texas and renamed to Renaissance Hospital-Groves.  In 2005, the fifth purchase for Renaissance was Dallas Southwest Medical Center which was acquired from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and renamed to Renaissance Hospital-Dallas.


Renaissance has developed its own computer software which controls the billing and collections, as well as accounting, payroll and human resource information, for all Renaissance facilities from the Centralized Business Office of the parent company, Renaissance Healthcare Systems. The corporate office of the parent company, Renaissance Healthcare Systems, and the Centralized Business Office for the three hospital facilities has completed its relocation to a new 60,000 square foot location.





Renaissance has identified a niche opportunity for the company to acquire and develop acute surgical hospitals.  The company’s core experience is in its ability to carry out the following:

  • To acquire and/or develop facilities which meet the specific needs of physicians and patients, while remaining cost effective;

  • To minimize costs and maximize profit through centralized essential functions such as purchasing, billing and collections, contracting, and marketing;

  • Eliminating unneeded layers of management which enables managers and employees to work together in developing organizational changes; and

  • Our clear business practice to the acute surgical hospital which clearly defines the market where we create a profitable fit for the hospital, physicians and their services.


Current Market Conditions


As a company, Renaissance has targeted the market segments marked as being a “nuisance” or “not profitable” by traditional medicine. There is a ground swell of interest from physicians, patients, insurance plans and the investment community in this proven model.



Competitive Analysis


The competitive healthcare environment is extremely fragmented.  Most facilities act as general acute hospitals which incur large operational expenses without direction and/or a focused profit model.

Renaissance capitalizes on this opportunity by acquiring struggling hospitals.  The company is able to develop new facilities with state-of-the-art surgical equipment while offering the highest profitable surgical services needed within any given market. Renaissance’s model takes a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to the healthcare industry.  With strong marketing directed to the physicians, streamlined operations and management, and the reimbursement benefits of an acute surgical hospital, we will eliminate the long delays between facility development, medical services, and profitability. 



Marketing & Business Development

Sales are achieved through consistent direct marketing to physicians and patients who have a need for our services and facilities.

  • By providing these targeted physicians with the comforts they want and the state-of-the-art surgical equipment they need to perform their surgeries and maintaining a very high level of patient satisfaction, Renaissance is able to attract additional physicians who in turn perform their surgeries and services at our facilities.

  • Through the utilization of the Internet, media and direct marketing, Renaissance will be positioned to develop a large referral base of potential surgical candidates for the targeted physicians.  This has currently been effective in local markets.



The future for Renaissance Healthcare Systems is extremely bright as the management and personnel in place are able to meet the challenge of improving the quality of healthcare for our patients. We believe that within 36 months, Renaissance Hospitals will have a total of 15 hospitals in its system and that our profits will continue to exceed industry levels.








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*Not all surgeons on staff at Renaissance Hospital Houston are BSCOE accredited.