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Renaissance Hospital strives to provide quality accessible healthcare within our community. We provide a full range of medical services in a caring and courteous atmosphere. Renaissance Hospital does not discriminate against any person based on race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability.

All patients and employees are treated with dignity and respect during admissions, employment and the treatment process. Our hospital is locally and privately owned so we understand the community we serve. At Renaissance Hospital, we really believe  people should have "quality healthcare available in their own community" and this belief has become our guiding principal as we continue to improve our current services and make new ones available, we plan to earn and maintain a reputation of excellence, giving our neighbors "a reason to keep their healthcare at home."



Gastric Bypass Surgery via the Roux-en-Y is generally considered to be the best surgical procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity. Renaissance Hospital is pleased to announce the opening of four new operating rooms especially designed to treat patients suffering from severe or morbid obesity via gastric bypass surgery. For more information on gastric bypass surgery please review the information on this site.



Health risks involved with morbid obesity The United States is currently suffering an obesity epidemic contributing to the premature death, sickness and suffering of millions of Americans. The risks involved with morbid obesity far outweigh the risks involved with surgery.

Find out the best surgical procedure for weight loss. Find helpful information about childhood obesity, the risks factors involved with obesity and what to expect after gastric bypass surgery.


By creating a smaller gastric pouch, the LAP-BAND System limits the amount of food that the stomach will hold at any time. The inflatable ring controls the flow of food from this smaller pouch to the rest of the digestive tract. The patient will feel comfortably full with a small amount of food. And because of the slow emptying, the patient will continue to feel full for several hours reducing the urge to eat between meals.


Gastric bypass surgery is recommended for those persons who are 90 pounds or more overweight and have or are likely to have medical complications that will be helped, and in many instances, cured by substantial weight loss. While weight loss surgery is not for everyone, there are a large number of patients for whom losing a lot of weight is imperative, including those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart trouble, shortness of breath, arthritis and orthopedic (bone) problems with their legs, hips or back.





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Click here to view a video displaying the gastric byass surgery procedure.




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